Harriman After School and Summer Programs have 

amazing positive impacts on students

Children who live in under-served communities often lack access to quality

after school and summer programs.

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One 8th grade student in particular, who attends MS 183 SONYC, has shown major improvement with behavior, education and overall confidence from attending Harriman Programs.

Here is his story:


When Mario first started the program he did not like it all, he thought it was boring!
He was used to hanging out after school with no where to go and nothing to do. 
He didn't understand why he couldn't just come and "chill out" in the after school program. He did not understand why he had to participate in all of the planned activities.

This student was doing very poorly in school. He was not doing well with his school work, he was very negative towards teachers, he did not do any homework and he had a lot of issues with his peers.


Mario would have about 4 fights a week and he would curse at his teachers in school. When he came to the after school program, he would exhibit these same behaviors. 


Instead of suspending him from the program, the after school staff at MS 183 mentored him and helped him with his homework. They taught him that doing the right thing was the best way.  One day, he came back to the after school program and said to his favorite teacher, "I am going to change because of you." He started to do his homework, he started to listen, he started to become more aware of his teacher's feelings. 


Mario said that if it was not for the after school teachers who pushed him to be a better person he would most likely be suspended and be hanging out with the wrong crowd.
His behavior changed and it was reflected in his grades. His teachers and parents were so excited and happy that they were seeing a new and improved person in him.